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IndusRupee : Rupee Symbol Font for Computer & Mobile Phone, Created By Shubham Shastri.

Rupee Symbol Font for Computer, Created By Shubham Shastri.
Now you also can use The Rupee Symbol in your Mobile Phone!!! Check This Article's Lower section.

New Font Styles (.ttf = True Type Font) are created by Shubham Shastri (West Bengal) .. So If  you want to use these Just Download these from these following links. These are totally free and usable. Anyone can use these. the names are: IndusRupee Vrsn 2.0 (version 2.0 is released) , Times IndusRupee Roman.
In this font system the $ ( Shift + 4 ) sign is replaced by Rupee sign (Indian Rupee symbol.svg). and " ` " sign is replaced by the Dollar ( $) sign. The font styles are based on the very famous fonts "Arial", and "Times New Roman"

Speciality of these Font: named IndusRupee by Shubham Shastri (one and only member of Indus Pvt Co., a non-profitable organization) . it is recomended for everyone who want to use the Rupee Symbol for everyday use on computer. It is the 1st version created..more r coming soon. As u can  use Rupee Symbol Fully only after it is recognised by Unicode, but we should start to use it so that Rupee gets its status as soon as possible.
Speciality of The IndusRupee Roman is : It can be used in News Papers to use the "Times New Roman" style.

links :- IndusRupee (Arial Style):

Times IndusRupee Roman : (Times New Roman style):

Note: keep in mind that this symbol will be displayed on computers only where the aforesaid font is installed, so it is important that we spread the news about any such development. Also more efforts should be made for creating more such fonts.

How to use?

How to Use the Indian Rupee Symbol in Microsoft Office

Download the Font (IndusRupee) provided by Shubham Shastri ( Indus Tech Pvt Co.("")
Install the font. (Copy the Font to Control Panel -> Fonts Folder)
Change the Font from the default (Times New Roman/ Arial/ Calibri) to IndusRupee.
Type the Rupees Symbol in Microsoft Word through the Shift +4

The process can be tweaked so that you can type in any font in MS Word yet you can get the Rupees symbol:

In MS Office 2002

Select the symbol (ie. Just like you do while copy pasting anything)
Click on Tools -> Autocorrect
In the Replace Text Box type in Rs.
Click on Add -> Ok

In MS Office 2007/ 2010

1.If you want to add a formatted text entry, open the document that contains the text that is formatted the way that you want, and select the Rupee Symbol.
2.Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
3.Click Proofing.
4.Click AutoCorrect Options.
5. In the Replace Text Box type in Rs. (You may also need to change the formatting stle from “Plain Text” to “Formatted Text”)
6. Click on Add -> Ok
Microsoft Excel
go to setting ----- > control panel ------> regional & lang option ------> customize ------> then click currency tab 
Put currency symbol as " $ " click ok
Open excel 
go to format cell (Ctrl + 1 command) 
click to Number tab ------- > select currency as " $ " & ok it
select fonts as IndusRupee.ttf
Rupee symbol on IBM Lotus Notes and Symphony

The given font is working on  IBM Lotus Notes(Mail Client) and Symphony
(Office productivity tool).

In Notes client application
1. Download the font.
2. Past the font to C:\lotus\notes\jvm\lib\fonts directory
3. In Font drop down box, Select "IndusRupees" Font

In Symphony application

1. In Font field, select "New Style..."

2. Then in Style tab, Name field, Enter "Rupee"
3. Then go to "Font" tab, In Font drop down box , Select "IndusRupee".
4. In the New Document, Font file shows " Rupee"

Linux Users

Linux users, please copy the file to /usr/share/fonts/truetype/Rupee/IndusRupee vrsn 2.ttf
and log-off & log-in to see this font available everywhere.


 Now you also can use the Rupee Symbol in your handset.

This font is created by Shubham Shastri specialy for the mobile handsets. Any multimedia or semi-multimedia phone can be taken to use this font. This font is designed for useing it on mobile very easyly. Here in this font The Rupee Symbol ,   (Indian Rupee symbol.svg) replaces  "The currency sign (¤)" , so that one can use The Rupee Symbol from his mobile's symbol option while typing text. The download link is given below.

Note: keep in mind that this symbol will be displayed on Mobile phones only where the aforesaid font is installed, so it is important that we spread the news about any such development. Also more efforts should be made for creating more such fonts.

Download link ( for Sony Ericsson mobiles) :
( this font is based on Sans-Serif style, like the default font of Sony Ericsson mobiles)
             -  unzip the file after downloading

Download Link for Windows Mobile Font : DOWNLOAD 
( Note : here in this font The Rupee Symbol, replaces  "The currency sign (¤)" and again also  In this font system the $  sign is replaced by Rupee sign , and " ` " sign is replaced by the Dollar ( $) sign.)

Download Link (for Nokia, Sumsung, LG, Motorola, etc) :

How to use :
For Sony Ericsson mobiles :
(links are in SKY colored words.)

Method, using XS++ :

Change fonts of DB2020 phone hereThis is a featured page

This is the list of DB2020 phones:-

K550, K610, K618, K770, K790, K800, K810
W580, W610, W660, W710, W830, W830, W850, W880, W888
Z610, Z710 and many more.

In this tutorial i am showing you how to change font by XS++…. Shutdown phone .. !
Start XS++
Click on connect in XS++
holding C connect phone to USB cable, don’t leave C untill XS++ says ready for operation !
Connecting phone to XS++.

Now again connect your phone with XS++

Now In configuration select FSX
Click on Start FSX
Wait some times, it will make some dir of your phone
Now you can see drop down menu on “Filesystem Explorer”
go to tpa/preset/system/fonts
Now click Upload and select your ttf and xml file OR incase you are making font then yourfontname.ttf and fonts.xml files.
So XS++ will upload those files Now click on Shutdown XS++ will tell you to unplug your phone.
Now Power on your phone and enjoy new font…


Another method, using A2Uploader :

Download a font pack (*.ttf and font.xml) from somewhere (Desktop wars thread for eg) and upload to phone with A2Uploader to tpa/preset/system/font
It may also be a good idea to backup original files from that folder with Codeclaw CID53 FS Xtractor (Note: this wont be necessary if your phone is brown as A2Uploader will be able to read them directly).


Another method, using FontRouter :

Change Your Font On UiQ3!! Easy Tutorial!
This hack involved using FontRouter. I have attached the rar file below and user will need to sign themselves.

1) After signing install the fontrouter into phone memory

2) Use Sman or xplorer to backup/copy FontRouter.ini from C drive to D drive

3) Fontrouter.ini in the rar file below, move it to C drive overriding the file and change it to READ only <- some user reported this step may not be necessary

4) DL font from Here

This can be use for UiQ Mobiles of Sony Ericsson.

Those having problem signing sis file can PM me and I see if I can help but I will need the IMEI # of the phone u going to install Take note once sign the file can only be used on the particular phone only

Im not responsible if something happen to ur phone so best is alway backup ur phone. In any case if the phone keep restarting u will need to use the SEUS to reflash the phone to factory state

5) Add your Font To (mem card):resource/Fonts <-- Create one if you dont find resource or fonts folder.
then restart your phone. and enjoy the new font

NOTE: If Follow All The Steps Correctly You will not find any problems!!

Video Tutorial Links:
Link 1            Link 2

How To: Change Default Windows Mobile 6 Font

 For Those of You Looking For DO IT YOURSELF Instructions:
    1. Copy your font file (usually *.ttf) into /Windows/Fonts. Be sure to note the INTERNAL name of the font (find it out by double-clicking on the file in Windows)
    in this case “ IndusRupee”
    2. Using your favorite registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\SysFnt
    3. Find the key named “Nm”. Replace what’s in it (usually Tahoma) with the name of the font, in this case “IndusRupee”
    4. Repeat III for “HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu\Menufnt\Barfnt” and “Popfnt”
    4.1 Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\V1
    - look for something like FontAliases. The keys inside represent the font “choices” -you have (which default to Tahoma), and look like Arial:-12. Change the value -from Tahoma* to Segoe UI*.
    - Rinse and repeat.
    5. Reset
    And that’s it ! This renders much more easier to the eyes with Cleartype (and the spacing is really nice)

Another Tutorial for Windows Mobile :

Download ING Change Font to Personalize your Windows Mobile Device

Here comes a very tiny but yet useful software utility – ING Change Font that can help to change your default font on your Windows Mobile devices.
Users can download the .cab file and transfer it through active sync to the mobile device. Just launch the application and it will bring users to a simple GUI for quick setup. Basically there are four font settings that can be configured independently, namely Font System, Font Menu, Font PopUp and Font OOM. And for each font setting, user can choose from a drop down list of nine different fonts such as Courier New, MS Sans Serif, Tahoma, Abscissa and etc. In case you think the font size is too tiny, there is an option to adjust its dimension up to 1600 (by default it is 800). However, users may need to verify the actual effect after soft reset so that it won’t appear to be too huge in your tiny mobile screen.
The software utility is downloadable at MobileHTC free of charge and is compatible with Windows Mobile version 5, 6 and 6.1.

Download link of ING Change Font :

another tutorial on :

Change the system font in Windows Mobile 5.0/6/6.1

 It is quite simple really but it does require a few things:

1-A Wizard/MDA/O2 XDA Mini S/Cingular 8125
2-A Truetype style font(they end with file extension .ttf)
3-5 minutes of time

Alright now here is how to do it!

1)-Connect your device to your computer, and let Activesync do it's thing(until the green double-arrow icon in your tray stops spinning).

2)-Click on [Explore], then on "Windows Mobile Based Device", then on "Windows". If you cannot see the "Windows" folder, goto the top of the window and click [Tools] then [Folder Options] then the [View] tab, then scroll down a bit until you find a checkbox that says-"Show Hidden Files and Folders" and make sure that it is checked(or dotted if the case may be).

3)-Now, leave that window open, and go and grab you font. Right click on the font file itself and scroll down to [Rename]. In the field, type "Tahoma" then [OK]. Now, copy that file that you just renamed, and paste it to another directory(such as the desktop so that it is easy to get back to), and rename it to-"TahomaBD" and click [OK].

4)-Now click and drag, or copy and paste those 2 files into the "Windows" folder that you have open from earlier, tell it [Yes] to overwrite the existing files if needed.

5)-Now, soft-reset your device and voila! You have a nice shiny new system font! Wonderful! Now, you may be wondering how to get your old one back, and it is indeed very simple.

6)-To restore the Tahoma font, either download a copy of it from the internet(note that it is NOTE public domain, and it is against the rules to post it here at XDA-Devs), or navigate to your computers "Font" folder and simply copy it to your desktop, and rename and copy it as above, soft-reset again and BAM, back to OEM status you go! You can also just Hard-reset if you get desperate.

Well, thats it! Quite simple eh? Took me about 30 minutes or so to figure it out, but here are some screens to prove that it works!

How To : Change Default Nokia Mobile font ( will be available soon)
The Subject is in its making

Font for embedded systems and Simple Mobiles, LCD screen,  XBox-PC-PSP Games, various Electronic Equipment's Display etc.

The font system for embedded systems and Simple Mobiles, LCD screen, video games, pc games, Nintendogames, PSPgames, XBox 360 games, Various Electronic Equipment's Display are of Bitmap font. But  the Bitmap font formats are of many types and those have to be modified for each kind of systems (4Bits/8Bits/16Bits/32bits) so here i'm not giving you the fonts for each and every kind, instead i'm giving you a Common .ttf file. With this file u can convert the .ttf file in the bitmap font of your need by use-ing many (as you like to select) "Bitmap Font Generator" softwares available in the internet. Names of some of these softwares are: Bit Font Creator, Bitmap Font Generator, Bitmap Font Creator, ppFonter, GLCD Font Creator etc.

The Specialities of this Common Font:

1. How To Use: As the charecter inputting method of each kind of embedded systems are different , here in this font we can use The Rupee Sign in two ways : here in this font The Rupee Symbol, replaces  "The currency sign (¤)" and again also  In this font system the $ ( Shift + 4 ) sign is replaced by Rupee sign , and " ` " sign is replaced by the Dollar ( $) sign. So you can use two different ways to put The Rupee Sign in the display depending on your system and needs.

2. It is based on The "Arial" font style, so the display becomes very simple and easy to apply and also very clear to read.

If you need help in this purpose just post your questions here.

Download link of The font :



Original Question by

 Q: I have a small issue. This rupee symbol will be displayed on one computer where the font is installed, but when the text is moved to another machine, the rupee symbol is displayed as dollar symbol. So as far this font of yours at this time cannot be used in commercial environments. What have you thought for resolving this problem.?

Ans: As the rupee symbol is still not recognisd by the unicode organization, (it is on process, request has been snd) we dont have specified code and glyphs( with charecter name and mapping), thats why this problem is occuring. This is the only way throug which we can use rupee symbol through in computers, that i created. it is lyk u r using the cocacola style font in a MS Word document as u got the font file instls in ur system, but when u move it to another machine as u dnt have the font file so u cant display the stylish font there, it uses the default font then. hope that Unicode recognise rupee symbol soon, so that we can use it more easyly.


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A proposal to encode the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN in Unicode has been made. See

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The UTC has accepted the code position U+20B9 for this character. Please re-encode your fonts to use that code position.

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HI shubham the old link is been removed the download file..please mail me the new link to download rupee font to my samsung mobile phone. My mail ID is
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